New Focus Point „Quantum Technologies“ in the master’s program Physics

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This year the Nobel Prize in Physics is awarded to three pioneers of quantum research. Their experiments are honored as groundbreaking not only for the better understanding of quantum mechanics but also as enabling the development of revolutionary new technologies – quantum technologies. If the now well understood and tested effects of quantum mechanics can be successfully integrated into technical applications highly sensitive sensors, tap-proof communication channels and extremely fast quantum computers become a possibility.

The industry is therefore in great need of experts who combine a solid background in quantum physics with an understanding of engineering in order to be able to develop innovative applications of quantum technologies that lead to market-ready products. As a leading beacon in quantum research in Germany and worldwide FAU is now offering the new focus point „Quantum Technologies“ in the M.Sc. Physics. Starting in winter semester 2022/23 students can choose from a variety of specialized courses in physics and electrical engineering. The course offering covers all relevant fields of quantum technologies: quantum computing, quantum sensing, quantum communication and hardware for quantum applications.

The new focus point provides FAU students of the M.Sc. Physics with the best conditions to earn a qualification in quantum technologies. Students benefit from excellent and research-oriented teaching. Several new professorships further strengthen the expertise in quantum technologies at FAU. Given that the language of instruction in the M.Sc. Physics is English students from Germany and other countries study together in an international environment.

All information on the focus point „Quantum Technologies“ and on the application process for the M.Sc. Physics can be found online: