Month: November 2017

The Christmas lecture 2017 of the Physics department "Schrödinger's cat - a journey into quantum physics" is now online available at the video portal of FAU. Here, also the Christmas lectures of the past two years and very first Christmas lecture from 2001 can be viewed

Category: Allgemein

Physicists at the Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), the University of Hamburg and the research facility DESY have succeeded for the first time in revealing tiny structures using an imaging method that relies on the usual diffraction of light, but which does not require the scattered light to be coherent. With conventional imaging methods using the diffraction of coherent light, scientists have to go to considerable lengths to ensure the coherence of the radiation, i.e. the electromagnetic waves must remain in phase during the scattering process. The new method uses incoherent light instead.

Category: Allgemein, Forschung