The procedure to receive a doctorate at FAU is generally regulated by the university wide doctoral regulations (Rahmenpromotionsordnung). For the faculty of science, the faculty doctoral regulations (Promotionsordnung) apply. Special regulations concerning the department of physics are stated in additional regulations (Ausführungsbestimmungen). These can be found (additional to other useful informations) in the StudOn group Infos für Promovierende. The password can be obtained from the chair’s secretary or colleagues. PhD students are obliged to register in the online portal docDaten in the beginning of the process. For further information, check the guidelines and FAQ of the science faculty regarding the PhD process.

For information regarding the admission and registration, contact the offices of doctoral affairs (Promovierendenbüro). Responsible for the process of promotion itself is the doctoral examinations board (Promotionsausschuss). Its members from the physics are prof. Wilms and prof. Weber as substitute. There are various representatives of PhD students. On the university level, this is he doctoral candidates’ representatives (Promovierendenkonvent), on department level, there are two representatives in the department convention (DV). Currently, these representatives are Benjamin Hacker and Malte Kohring. They have been elected by the convention of all scientific members in physics for one year.

PhD programmes at the Department of Physics

Research Training Group (RTG) of TRR 306:

International Max-Planck Research School (IMPRS):

Graduate School in Advanced Optical Technologies (SAOT):