Study Modules

Study Modules

Module Studies Naturale:

The module studies Naturale (MSN) can be taken for one semester at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU). During this time the students take modules (lectures and exercises) of the Faculty of Natural Sciences in the respective subjects. They attend regular courses of the first two bachelor semesters and can take the planned exams, which they can have credited if they decide to study natural sciences afterwards. Students in the module studies Naturale are to be equated with students in degree programmes. Under no circumstances can they be compared with guest students or participants in preparatory language courses or other preparatory courses. They therefore enjoy full “student status” in accordance with the Bavarian Higher Education Act (Art. 42, Para. 2 BayHSchG).

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Complementary Physics Module:

The “Supplementary Module Studies in Physics” are not courses of study. Access to the module studies requires a university degree or equivalent and usually the requirement of the admission commission for the Master’s programme in Physics to compensate for missing competences within the framework of the Master’s access or a recommendation in the rejection notice to acquire missing competences within the framework of these module studies. The application for the “Supplementary Module Studies in Physics” is made via the portal campo.