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FAU team of researchers succeed for the first time in accelerating electrons using a nano device Particle accelerators are crucial tools in a wide variety of areas in industry, research and the medical sector. The space these machines require ranges from a few square meters to large research center...

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Recently published experiments with inelastic neutron scattering in Nature Physics (Nature Physics 13, 638 (2017)) have identified the amplitude or Higgs excitation in the two-dimensional quantum magnet C9H18N2CuBr4, i.e. a quantum material of coupled spin ladders with weak Easy-Axis spin anisotropy...

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The Autumn Academy is intended to introduce BSc and MSc students to the fast moving field of optical science including topics such as quantum information processing, metamaterials, nano-optics, photonic crystal fibres, nonlinear optics, imaging and sensing.

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