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FAU’s latest news on the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic for employees, doctoral candidates and students can be found at

Please help to interrupt this development by appropriate behaviour such as keeping your distance, avoiding crowds (>2 people) and thorough hand washing. If you come from a designated risk area or show symptoms (sore throat, cough, fever), you should remain in domestic quarantine for at least 14 days. For further information we refer to webpage of the Robert-Koch-Institute.

FAU answers on their website FAQs on the coronavirus.


In accordance with the specifications of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Art of 10.03.2020, all courses in face-to-face teaching are cancelled with immediate effect until further notice. This regulation applies regardless of the number of participants.

At the moment this concerns mainly the “Advanced Lab Course” and the “Astronomical Practical Course”. Here all experiments are cancelled. As soon as the situation has been clarified, we will send information to the registered participants on how to proceed with the practical courses.


All university examinations that have not yet begun are cancelled with immediate effect until further notice. This applies to all written and oral examinations, including doctoral and postdoctoral examinations, which are under the responsibility of FAU, with the exception of the most urgent cases. In such a case please contact the department first, we would then pass on your request to the President of FAU. Oral examinations by video are not legally possible. Bachelor and Master colloquia are also examinations.

The execution of the examinations in the 1st state examination for the teaching profession is suspended with immediate effect until further notice (update 18.03.2020 – 14:25). The examinations in the state examination in human medicine and dentistry are currently still being held as planned (update 18.03.2020 – 14:25). The responsibility lies with the responsible ministry.

Study deadlines (GOP deadline, Bachelor’s deadline, Master’s deadline) that cannot be met due to the current situation will automatically be extended by one semester (until the end of the summer semester 2020). Any further extensions of time limits required by the current situation will be granted in a non-bureaucratic manner. A separate application is not necessary. BAföG recipients will not suffer any disadvantages, according to the BMBF’s commitment.

Students who have already de-registered at the end of the 2019/2020 winter semester but whose examination will now take place in the 2020 summer semester due to the postponements do not have to re-register in order to take the examination. The examination can take place and the result will be graded.


All events – regardless of the number of participants – are cancelled until further notice. The only exceptions to this are urgent working meetings that cannot be postponed, which can continue to take place in accordance with the hygiene regulations recommended by the RKI. Please use telephone or digital communication wherever possible.

The most important thing at the moment is the health and safety of our employees and students and slowing down the spread of the virus, so we consider these measures to be essential now. We will find a pragmatic solution to problems in individual cases afterwards.

CIP pool

The CIP Pools remain closed (for the time being) until 19.04.2020

Library/Delivery of theses

The processing deadlines for all  bachelor and master theses will be extended by a flat rate of five weeks. The affected students will be informed by e-mail by the L6 department. The new deadlines will be available for students and supervising examiners in “mein campus” shortly. Theses can be submitted to the Examination Office electronically or via the letterbox at the Examination Office.

The libraries are closed, also Mrs. Bartschat (physics library) switches to home office on Monday, 23.03. and can be reached by email:

If a regular submission of the paper is not possible, the chairman of the examination board asks you to send the final (!) PDF version of the paper to him electronically (email, FAUbox/Dropbox, web link or similar). He will then make sure that the paper is considered submitted on time. It is important that the paper can be saved on the PC before midnight of the submission date. This will usually be the case until around 23:00.

Current information from FAU can be found at