Christmas Lecture – How did Santa get in and out of the MRI scanner?

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Under the title “Magnets, spins and resonances – how did Santa get in and out of the MRI scanner?”, an interdisciplinary working group of researchers from the Universitätsklinikum Erlangen and the Department of Physics will take you on a journey of discovery into the human body at this year’s Department of Physics Christmas Lecture. They will learn how spins of hydrogen atoms can be asked to dance in sync using strong magnetic fields and then magically moved to sing together through resonance – which, when detected and transformed, generates the most beautiful images.

Santa Claus is also strongly attracted: by the fascinating insights into the otherwise hidden interior of the body made possible by magnetic resonance imaging, but also by the magnetic field. On his way through Erlangen, out of careless curiosity, he himself ended up on a collision course with one of the largest MR magnets and promptly got stuck in the field. Help him to free himself from his predicament and save Christmas together with the medical physicists!

You will learn from a team of FAU experts at the forefront of research how magnetic resonance imaging is constantly evolving and how artificial intelligence can be used to generate smart MR images or how MRI can be used to plan radiotherapy. And much more …

Have fun!

The lecture took place on 14.12.2023 in lecture hall G, Staudtstr. 5, 91058 Erlangen and has been transmitted to lecture halls H and E as well as to the internet (livestream via FAU-Videoportal). Start wasat 19:00, admission from 18:15. The event has been held in German.

The Video of the lcture is now online:

The Christmas Lecture is part of the Collegium Alexandrinum lecture series.


Interdisciplinary working group Christmas Lecture:

Prof. Christoph Bert, Prof. Bernhard Hensel, Prof. Jana Hutter, Prof. Frederik Laun, Prof. Armin Nagel, Prof. Moritz Zaiss.


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