Interactive exhibition “panOPTICUM” on the science of optics and photonics

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Sneakpreview Panopticum. Forschungscamp. (Bild: FAU/Boris Mijat)FAU/Boris Mijat

New in Erlangen: panOPTICUM – getting to grips with research

Using targeted thermal radiation to make popcorn pop, discovering everyday objects from a completely new perspective under the microscope or using lasers to make lights dance – all of these involve optics. At various interactive stands, the panOPTICUM from the FAU Graduate School in Advanced Optical Technologies (SAOT) in the Röthelheimpark in Erlangen demonstrates how exciting current research into optic technologies and photonics is. Entry is free of charge.

Sneakpreview Panopticum. Forschungscamp. (Bild: FAU/Boris Mijat)

Sparking enthusiasm for current research

During the research camp run by the Erlangen SchülerForschungsZentrum (ESFZ, Erlangen research center for high school students), a group of high school students were able to experience research at first hand in panOPTICUM even before it officially opened.

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Address: Paul-Gordan-Straße 6, 91052 (Röthelheimpark)

Current opening hours: Every first Monday in the month from 2 pm to 5 pm, individual opening hours available upon request for school classes and larger groups

Entrance: Free of charge.

Further information

Dr. Max Gmelsch
SAOT – Erlangen Graduate School in Advanced Optical Technologies