QuCoLiMa Master’s Fellowship for Female Students

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This page shows the flyer to "QuCoLiMa Master’s Fellowship for Female Students"

Are you interested in quantum optics and/or condensed matter physics? Do you want to study many-body quantum systems, complex matter systems, quantum cooperativity and the many interesting questions at the intersections of these topics in more detail?

Are you an excellent prospective female Masters’ student and still need to figure out how to make this all work? How to best develop your scientific career in physics or chemistry? How to make contacts in your field of study and get to know other likeminded students and researchers? Would you like to be actively involved in research during your master’s degree?


Then we would like to hear from you and invite you to apply for the QuCoLiMa Master’s Fellowship for Female Students within the Collaborative Research Centre TRR 306 QuCoLiMa – Quantum Cooperativity of Light and Matter.


For more details and the application process please visit



Application Deadline: 01.06.2022