Experiments and Booking

Regulations for the Booking of experiments:

You are allowed to reserve at first up to a maximum of three experiments, whereby two-part experiments count twice! Only when a report has been submitted and confirmed by the supervisor you will obtain another reservation option!

You are not allowed to reserve more experiments than required for the respective module. However, you may already reserve experiments for module WP-2 prior to completion of module WP-1. Exceptions may be granted upon previous request by the course administation.

Making appointments

The reservation of an experiment has to be performed not later than two working days before the desired date! Otherwise it cannot be ensured that the supervisor will be informed in time. Typically you will also need that time for a proper preparation for the experiment. However, in consultation with the responsible supervisor also short-term reservations are permitted.

Two-part experiments are kept in the system as two seemingly “independent” experiments (- part 1 and – part 2) in order to allow for a free choice of the starting date. However, both parts have to be reserved only together, i.e. you need to have two booking options free! Moreover, both parts have to be reserved in close succession, by no means exceeding two weeks. Exemptions can be granted by the responsible supervisor.

Restrictions in the choice of experiments

In every module you have to complete at least two (out of the five) experiments, which are specially designed for Master students (experiment number starts with “M”). Exemptions can be granted by the course administration. Finally, you are of course not allowed to to choose experiments, which you have already finished within the Bachelor study programme.

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