New Registration / Account Reactivation

In the field “CODE-Wort” please enter:  fp-ss22

New registration:
Online-registration for the Advanced Laboratory Course is only allowed in groups of two students. It is desirable that both partners will have to finish the same number of experiments (one or two moduls) in order to avoid later group reallocations.
The chosen teaming is binding for the complete module, i.e. a change of partner can only be granted for imperative reasons!

In case you can’t find a suitable course partner please contact the course administration for support! You can also leave a search notice at the information board in front of the CIP pool of the Physics department (Physikum, block B2).

The course registration is protected by a code word. This code word is given above.

Note: Online-registration is a two-step process: First you have to complete and submit the online form (click “absenden”), then you need to confirm your query once again (click “speichern”), otherwise your registration will get lost! After registration you will receive a confirmation email with an activation link for your account. Without an activation you will not be able to access your account or reserve an experiment! In case of doubt please contact the course administration.

More detailed information is given under Kleinstein Guide.

Click here for online registration!

In case that you have already performed a modul of the “Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum” in Erlangen you just have to reactivate you former Kleinstein-Account at the Kleinstein registration site (link see below)! In no case you may apply for a new account! After introduction of matriculation number (“Matrikelnummer”), former password and study programme (for which you now sign up) you will immediately become an active user of the system. However, you should’t make any reservation as long as your lab course partner hasn’t also been reactivated! In case that you want or need to switch the lab course partner please contact the course Administration for a group reallocation!

Attention: You are only allowed to reactivate if you will be a fully enrolled student of the FAU for the whole period of the lab course!

Click here to reactivate your former account!