Advanced Lab Course in Physics

Advanced Lab Course in Physics (ALC)

The Advanced Lab Course in Physics (ALC) is one of the central courses of the Department of Physics and is offered in two periods each semester. The lab course can be completed across semesters. The first block period usually takes place before the beginning of the semester, the other block period typically starts together with the lecture period of the summer or winter term and usually ends three weeks before the end of the lecture period.

The following Master modules can be taken as part of ALC:

  • Advanced Lab course in physics 1, 2 [WP-1, WP-2] (MSc Physics)
  • Advanced Lab course in mater. phys. 1, 2 [WP-1-MAT, WP-2-MAT] (MSc Mater. Phys.)

For participation in the ALC, a safety briefing is mandatory before the start of the experiments, which is valid for a maximum of one year. The safety briefing takes place together with the introductory event before the first block period and must be completed annually.

Detailed information about the ALC is available after registering for the ALC StudOn course under Advanced Laboratory Course (Master)

Exact dates regarding internship periods, safety briefings, and introductory events can also be found in the FP’s StudOn course under “News and Dates“.

Information about the experiments and booking can be found under the tab “Experiments and Booking” further down this page, information about the registration for the booking system “Kleinstein” is under “New Registration / Account Reactivation“.

First time registration for the StudOn course via this link:

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