Semester Abroad

Semester at a University Abroad

Yes, it is possible and it is highly recommended by the department. The examination regulations recommend explicitly the 5th semester as the window for a semester abroad.

There are plenty of cooperations with other European universities, in many cases in the framework of the ERASMUS program, which arranges such semesters for students. Financial support is also available in many cases, including the PROMOS-program. If you have interest, please contact the ERASMUS coordinator.

Additional information can be found on the Study Abroad Website of FAU.

These questions can only be explained with regards to the examination and accreditation aspects.

  • Time frame: In the Bachelor studies, the 5th semester is seen as the window of opportunity for a semester abroad. In addition, the 4th or 6th semesters or the 2nd Master semester is also a possibility. Attention: A semester abroad (at least a connection with a holiday semester) in the first master semester is not possible.
  • Holiday Semester: Under the current conditions, it is strongly recommended that you take advantage of the opportunities that a semester abroad present, as there are no limits to the value of experience that it can bring. If you accumulate 20 or fewer ECTS points, the semester does not count as a core semester and it will not be counted against you in the deadlines of the Bachelor or Master studies. A semester with 20 ECTS points or more will count as a core semester.
  • Calculation of credits: The accomplishments attained abroad will be considered with the greatest flexibility possible when calculating credits for one’s studies at their home university. Please consider that you will have to demonstrate your achievements abroad upon your return to FAU. This includes a transcript of records and any corresponding certificates, as well as any other helpful demonstrations of accreditation. If possible, please obtain clear confirmations of grades (preferably in the local grading system).

Please submit all transcripts and certificates to the chairs of the examination committee. It is possible that further details will need to be provided in the accreditation process (for example, from internships or in a theoretical area). There are also a large collection of partner universities that can clarify such questions. As soon as the credits have been determined, the chairs of the examination committee will submit a request for a recognition certificate from the examination agency.