Accreditation of Accomplishments

Course of Study Transfer or University Transfer

This is possible; the accomplishments from your current course of study will be credited for the physics degree, as long as it is possible in the examination regulations frame and as long as these accomplishments are equivalent to those required for the physics course of study.

To implement this, there are two possibilities:

  1. You need to provide an application for accreditation with the enrollment. In this process, it will be decided which accomplishments are to be included from your former course of study and in which semester they will be placed. This request must typically be created and signed by one of the recognized representatives of the physics department, typically the examination committee chairman. This is a particularly meaningful procedure if you will be classified into a higher semester than the first one; however, this arrangement is necessary before the enrollment date, which is normally difficult to organize (not yet completed exams, holidays, relocation etc.).
  2. You enroll in the first semester and the accreditation will be regulated by a notification of the examination committee chairman; at the same time, it is possible to be classified into a higher semester. This is the smoothest and most common method.

Usually, you should provide relevant proof of your former course of study to the examination committee chairman in person (or per e-mail) and discuss the accreditation with him. After consulting the correspondent department representatives (if necessary), the application will be prepared, discussed and signed. In the case of an accreditation application (case 1 from above), you must present your application to the student’s secretary office during the enrollment process. Otherwise, the notification will be sent by mail to the Examination Office.

It is possible to change your subject of study each semester until the end of the first week of the lecture period.

This is all valid when you want to change within FAU, as well as when you come from another university. Please be aware, that physics and material physics at FAU count formally as different consecutive course studies and that because of this, the previously mentioned regulations also apply when you change between these two courses of study.

When this change takes place during the Bachelor or Master study, the transition is very similar to the subject transition (see previous questions). You should clarify the procedures with the examination committee chairman. However, in this case, you should be aware that not only the study accomplishments but also the study time, should be credited. For this reason, you may often not be able to avoid stressful deadlines.

Yes, but only if these regular modules correspond to the Bachelor degree course. You can also re-take the corresponding exams from your former course of study, and you must decide this for yourself before these exams take place. Please contact the chairman of the examination committee.

Please contact the corresponding office in your target university. We can help with the clarification of questions regarding accreditation, but we cannot make any decisions.

Basically, it is possible. Any academic achievements will last through time. However, the requirements are that you don’t have any “Final-not-passed decision” in your former study.