Modern Optics 3: Quantum Optics



Time and place

  • Thu 10:30-12:00, Room SR 01.779 (exclude vac) ICS


*Contents:* 1. Basic concepts of statistical optics 2. Spatial and temporal coherence. Coherent modes, photon number per mode 3. Intensity fluctuations and Hanbury Brown and Twiss experiment 4. Interaction between atom and light (semiclassical description) 5. Quantization of the electromagnetic field 6. Quantum operators and quantum states 7. Heisenberg and Schrödinger pictures 8. Polarization in quantum optics 9. Nonlinear optical effects for producing nonclassical light 10. Parametric down-conversion and four-wave mixing, biphotons, squeezed light 11. Single-photon states and single-photon emitters 12. Entanglement and Bell’s inequality violation

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