Advanced nonlinear optics



Time and place

  • Wed 14:00-16:00, Room HE (exclude vac) ICS


The goal of this lecture is to explore advanced concepts of nonlinear optics and their applications. This will cover the following topics: - Nonlinear propagation in solid-core photonic crystal fibres (modulation instability, four-wave mixing, soliton dynamics, supercontinuum generation) and in hollow-core photonic crystal fibres (generation of tunable dispersive waves, plasma in fibres) - Nonlinear optical effects (parametric down-conversion, four-wave mixing, modulation instability) for the generation of nonclassical light (entangled photons, squeezed light, twin beams, heralded single photons). - Nonlinear effects for generating high energy sub cycle pulses (kerr-lens mode-locking, Yb:YAG laser technology, optical parametric amplification, pulses synthesis, attosecond pulse generation)

Additional information

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