Materials Physics

Studying Materials Physics

Research in materials is an area of many cutting-edge developments in Germany (novel materials, nanotechnology, biomaterials). One of the main ideas is to develop materials with new functions, for example through the use of quantum phenomena in nanotechnology. These can be applied in many different fields, from materials engineering in biotechnology, medicine, and climate change, through the more efficient use of resources. In materials research, scientists (physicists, chemists, biologists) and engineers (material engineers) must understand both the atomic and macroscopic scale to be able to form novel materials and to use them in desired applications.

For these interdisciplinary challenges, scientists need to collaborate with those working within other disciplines to make progress in their own field. Not only does material physics focus on the fundamental properties at the atomic scale, it also integrates ideas from chemistry and materials engineering. The concept “material” encompasses the classical solid state, but also surfaces, molecular materials and biological materials. Erlangen, with its many research possibilities, (Excellence cluster “Engineering of Advanced Materials”) along with the engineering studies at the Technical Faculty (Technische Fakultät), offers a very diverse and productive environment in this area.

MSc. in Materials Physics

The Master in materials physics is only offered in English and is also available for students with other specializations (especially for students with a Bachelor degree in physics, nanotechnology, material science and materials engineering or chemistry). Details are regulated through the admission requirements of the degree program. In some cases, exams can also be applied in German.

Application for Admission into the Master degree program

The application is to be submitted online submitted:;

The application deadline for the winter semester is July 15.

The application deadline for the Summer semester is January 15.