Advanced theoretical physics: Solid state physics



Time and place

Consider attending the Immersion Course Advanced Solid State Physics

  • Tue 10:00-13:00, Room HD (exclude vac) ICS
  • Thu 10:00-12:00, Room HD (exclude vac) ICS

Learning goals and competences:

The students

  • aquire knowledge about the properties of solids and the related physical phenomena
  • apply and extend their knowledge of quantum physics
  • learn theoretical concepts and methods of many-body quantum physics
  • learn principles of the electronic structure of solids
  • acquire basic knowledge of electronic structure theory methods (e.g. density functional theory) and their application to solids
  • are enabled to understand current topics of solid state physics and the scientific literature


Content: - Structure of solids - The solid as a many-body problem - Separation of electronic and ionic motion - Lattice dynamics: Phonons - Electronic structure of solids: Electrons in a periodic potential, band structure, Hartree-Fock method, density functional theory - Electron-electron interaction - Electron-phonon interaction - Magnetism